Guide Roller (FT-1)


The performance of Alloy-TiC® Guide Rollers on several rod mills has proved the clear superiority of titanium-carbides over traditional materials. Alloy-TiC® Guide Rollers are supplied ‘grooved’ with lapped surface.

Technical Data

Material Alloy-TiC® T.C Tool Steel
Matrix Alloy Steel Co-Ni Fe
Hard Phase TiC WC Fe3C
Manufacturing Process Powder Metallurgy Powder Metallurgy Casting
Hardness(HRC) Tempered 68~72 68~76 55~62
Annealed 45~48 20~30
Density (g/cc) 6.45~6.50 14.0~15.0 7.9~8.5
TRS (Kgf/mm2) 180~190 200~230 60~100
Compressive Strength (Nmm2) 3,500~3,800 3,200~4,200 2,000~2,700
Machinability Good Impossible Excellent
Life (Times) 20~30 20~30 1