Alloy-TiC FT-10 is manufactured by powder metallurgy and distributes fine carbide evenly. It is excellent material for wear resistance and toughness, and is suitable material for extreme wear. Especially, it is a material suitable for semiconductor mold material because it has small coefficient of thermal expansion and aging change and high wear resistance. (Compared to ASSAB ASP23)

  • Uniformly dispersed fine vanadium carbide (VC)
    ⇒ High wear resistance, toughness and yield strength (compared to almost all HSS and alloy steels)
  • Fine carbide ⇒ Easy remachining / repolishing (about 15% improvement) than casting HSS
  • Manufactured by alloyed powder ⇒ Prevention of one-sided wear and roll marking
  • Maintain wear resistance, toughness and hardness and minimize cracks up to 500 ℃
  • Low heat treatment strain and thermal expansion coefficient and small aging change
    (compared to ASSAB ASP23)
  • Easy plating (Hard Cr plating, TiN, TiC, Diamond, WC)
  • Same characteristics as CPM 10V
  • Excellent wear resistance and life 2 times higher than casting HSS, 3.5 times higher than SKD11
  • Equivalent Grade : CPM10V, PMD10, Mirco Melt 10 /A11

Pic 1. Microstructure of SKH51 & FT-10

  • Pic 1. indicates the micro-structure of SKH51 & FT-10
    • (a) not uniform the size and distribution of carbide
    • (b) fine VC uniformly distributed

Pic 2. Cutting Edge of SKH51 & FT-10

  • Pic 2. indicates the cutting edge of SHK-51 & FT-10
    • (a) fine chipping shown leads to not only make the cut surface blunt, but also the stress is concentrated and the wear is worsened, and affect the quality of the cutting surface
    • (b) very sharp surface and no fine chipping results in preventing the burr, and improving the quality of the cutting surface

Wearing test results (ASTM G65, Method A)

MaterialHardness(HRcVolume reduction(mm)

Mechanical Properties

Density (g/cm3)7.8
Rockwell "C" Hardness (HRc)Annealed20~25
Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) (MPa)5205
Modules of Elasticity (GPa)200
Tensile Strength (Kg/mm2)95~110
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
TemperatureRange(℃)Expansion Coefficient(mm/mm)℃x10-6


  • Punches, Dies for blanking, Piercing dies, Notching dies
  • Cold heading, Steel mill rolls, extrusion die & barrels, Nozzles, Screw
  • Plastic injection mold, Compacting tools, Pelletizer blades
  • Compacting dies, Slitter knives, Shears, Woodworking tools
  • Semiconductor Mold Part : Chase, Center Block, Pot & Plunger, Cavity Bar, Automold Chase, Mold die