Alloy-TiC FT-23 is manufactured by powder metallurgy and distributes fine carbide evenly, which is a material that combines wear resistance, toughness and strength. In addition, the advantages of this alloy steel are low strain rate during heat treatment and excellent polishing processibility. High wear resistance and high compressive strength make it suitable for cold forming.

  • Uniformly dispersed fine carbides ⇒ High wear resistance, toughness and yield strength
  • Fine carbide ⇒ Easy remachining / repolishing (about 15% improvement)
  • Manufactured by alloyed powder ⇒ Prevention of one-sided wear and roll marking
  • Maintain wear resistance, toughness and hardness and minimize cracks up to 500 ℃
  • Low heat treatment strain and thermal expansion coefficient and small aging change
    (compared to ASSAB ASP23)
  • Easy plating (Hard Cr plating, TiN, TiC, Diamond, WC)
  • Equivalent Grade : ASP23, CPM M4, Micro Melt 23

Mechanical Properties

Density (g/cm3)8.00
Rockwell "C" Hardness (HRc)Annealed20~24
Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) (MPa)4020
Modules of Elasticity (GPa)207
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
TemperatureRange(℃)Expansion Coefficient(mm/mm)℃x10-6


  • Pinch Roll, Looper Rolls, Wear Parts, Composite mill roll
  • Milling Cutters, Punches, Thread Roll Dies, Form Tools, Taps, End Mills
  • Broaches, Drills, Rolls, Slitter knives, General Cold Work Tooling
  • Semiconductor Mold Part : Chase, Center Block, Pot & Plunger, Cavity Bar, Automold Chase
  • Press Punch, Die, Compacting Punch