RESISTAR® (ex- Hi-Rex) contains alloy components (Cr, Mo, W, Ni, Co, V, etc.) of more than 30% and minimizes the decrease of hardness at high temperature to maintain high wear resistance. The tough nature of this product minimizes the damage and contributes to productivity improvement. RESISTAR ® is easy to control the hardness according to customer's needs and has proven superior performance compared to conventional materials, and is exported to many countries around the world. Especially, RESISTA R ® has excellent performance in parts such as Kocks rolls, Pinch rolls, Guide rollers etc. of steel industry, screws, paddles and booth screws. RESISTAR ® is equivalent to TANCA 50.

  • Excellent mechanical properties compared to ordinary high speed steel
  • Improve productivity by superior wear resistance
  • Increase life-time of the parts due to lower re-machining amount
  • Minimize the pick-up of the surface
  • Reduce the parts change idle time by long life-time

Chemical Composition




54~6150±355 ~ 62
8.5~8.88.0~8.57.9 ~ 8.5
Trans Rupture
Strength (Kgf/mm2)
120~130Above 6060 ~ 100
Compressive Strength
320~360-204 ~ 275
Tensile Strength
90~100Above 80-